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A focus on developing a community of empowered problem-solvers within our students has continued to be a goal at Voss Farms Elementary, and can be observed through our focus on integrating technology with effective and impactful instructional opportunities that focus on student-led instruction, problem-solving skills, and cooperative learning.

In grades kindergarten through third, language arts teachers implement a balanced literacy approach to ensure that students are receiving small group instruction on their reading levels. 

Running records are completed regularly to monitor student progress in reading. Teachers provide small group instruction based on student needs. 

Since we are a Dual Language campus with a high number of Emergent Bilinguals (EBs) whose primary native language is Spanish, we intentionally plan activities that are culturally relevant for students such as cultural research projects and live performances, in addition translate all of our campus communication to our families into Spanish.  Our goal is to teach all of our students about diversity and the importance of accepting and understanding other cultures.  We strive to educate and include the parents of our EBs in our school as parent partners as equally as much as our non-EB parents.

Technology plays a critical role in all learning processes at Voss Farms Elementary. Our district provides iPads for each teacher and every Kindergarten-5th grade student. Students are taught to use a variety of resources for learning, from supplemental programs to productivity apps that include word processing, spreadsheets, video creation, and more. The Learning Management systems of SeeSaw and Canvas are used to support instruction. 

The Gifted and Talented (GT) Enrichment Program is a push-in model for grades K-2 to aide with early identification and support. Grades 3 through 5 have a pull-out program. 
The Special Area Rotations include Library, Art, Music, and PE.

The counselors will engage students in a career day across all grade levels. The counselor meets with students individually and in group sessions based on social-emotional needs. We utilize the campus Sudent Support Team (SST)/ RtI team to make referrals to our school counseling services.

Academic Programs

At Voss Farms, we provide opportunities for students to learn, develop, and succeed. Our academic programs are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Sklils (TEKS). The TEKS are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. This includes:

  • English Language Arts and Reading  
  • Gifted and Talented 
  • Mathematics  
  • Science           
  • Social Studies 
  • Languages Other Than English          
  • Health Education       
  • Physical Education     
  • Fine Arts          
  • Spanish Language Arts and English as a Second Language 
  • Special Education  

School Processes and Programs

Student Learning Strengths

All grades/tests combined:  82% Approaches, 55% Meets, 31% Masters

3rd-5th Reading combined: 91% Approaches, 67% Meets, 43% Masters 3rd-5th

Math combined: 77% Approaches, 46% Meets, 22% Masters
3rd Grade Reading:  93% Approaches, 73% Meets, 45% Masters
4th Grade Reading:  90% Approaches, 61% Meets, 34% Masters
5th Grade Reading:  90% Approaches, 67% Meets, 51% Masters